What we do


Understanding our clients and their needs

We want to know what's important to our clients.  Rarely is it just adding an employee.  Important factors include:  company culture, values, causes important to leadership, as well as qualifications, skills, experience, and reputation.

Formalizing our relationship

TEI Executive Search will perform retained searches for executives as well as contingent searches for high-income, individual contributors and managers.  If we perform a contingent search, we will want to discuss exclusivity.    

Engaging top talent

Anyone can identify top talent.  It is a different skill to be able to engage them.  Top performers are usually not looking and are busy people.  This talent will not be applying on their own.  


We interview each candidate thoroughly.  We don't just present, we stay involved through the interview process.  

Completing the process

The end of the process is the most important part.  TEI works with clients on references and final questions.  We work with candidates on how to take the important step in leaving to take a new opportunity.  We stay engaged to make sure it's the right fit.